Plenty of Interest at Histos Online

Some interesting items in the latest online issue of Histos (2011) … not sure I’ve mentioned this before:

JOHN RICH, Structuring Roman History: the Roman Year and the Roman Consular Tradition, June 2011

ROWLAND B. E. SMITH, The Casting of Julian the Apostate ‘in the Likeness’ of Alexander the Great: a Topos in Antique Historiography and its Modern Echoes, June 2011

LUCIO TROIANI, Storia antica e storia classica: il caso dell’Oriente greco-romano, August 2011

JOHN L. MOLES, Jesus the Healer in the Gospels, the Acts of the Apostles, and Early Christianity, August 2011

LISA I. HAU, Tychê in Polybios: Narrative Answers to a Philosophical Question, August 2011

ANNA J. CLARK, Vologaeses as Mirror, September 2011

L. V. PITCHER, Ronald Syme and Ovid’s Road Not Taken, November 2011

LIVIA CAPPONI, Hecataeus of Abdera and a New Conjecture in Josephus, Contra Apionem 1.189, November 2011

… back issues, working papers,  reviews, etc. are also available at the Histos site

CONF: New Approaches to Greek and Roman Myth

Seen on the Classicists list:

Conference: New Approaches to Greek and Roman Myth

The Department of Classical Studies at The Open University warmly invites you to a one-day conference on "New Approaches to Greek and Roman Myth". The event will be held at The Open University Regional Centre in London (Camden) on Saturday 21st January, 10am-4.30pm. Details of speakers and paper titles appear below. There will be £7 charge to cover the cost of lunch and refreshments. Booking forms and further details are available from Jessica Hughes ( AT

Colleagues may also be interested in a new myth-related resource that the OU has recently produced – a collection of video animations and audio discussions on Greek Heroes and their representation in popular culture from ancient times to the modern day.

Anastasia Bakogianni (OU) – Electra Ancient and Modern: The Reception of the Myth in Greek Tragedy and in the Modern World

Joanna Paul (OU) – The Half-Blood Hero: Percy Jackson and Mythmaking in the 21st Century

Annie Ravenshill-Johnson – The Metamorphoses of Hephaistos/Vulcan

Frances Eley (OU) – Staging Sacred Drama: Reception in Process

Sam Newington (OU) – Greece and the Near East: Creation Myths

Tori McKee (OU) – Reconstructing the Hippolytus myth: Euripidean Echoes in Modern Adaptations of Racine’s Phedre

Susan Deacy (Roehampton) – How to Write a Classical Mythology Textbook

A map showing the location of The Open University London Regional Centre can be found here: