Dulcedo Oculis: Perseus and Medusa on Scena Illustrata

Another thing lurking in the bottom of my mailbox was a link I saved ages ago to a number of magazine covers from assorted late-19th/early-20th century magazines with a Classics bent … one of my faves was this one (via posterclassics.com):

I’ll post others from time to time … this one could be such a cool t-shirt …

Five Books Interviews on Topics Ancient

My evenings are usually spent reading assorted items in assorted ways on my iPad and one of the many things I do consult is an app/site called The Browser, which collects lengthier items from the web which it considers to be ‘worth reading’. One of their own regular features is something called a ‘Five Books’ interview, wherein they interview various personages for recommendations for five decent books on a particular subject. As I burrow through my email box, I notice that I had set aside some of these to post here, but I don’t think I ever did, so: