Another Pompeii Collapse, Alas

The incipit of an item from ANSA:

Archaeologists on Thursday were assessing the damage after one of the pillars in the garden of an ancient Roman home collapsed at Pompeii.

Police were also called to investigate the collapse of the pillar which was part of an external pergola at the house of Loreius Tiburtinus in the centre of the popular tourist site.

News of the collapse was announced by the Special Archaeology Superintendent of Naples and Pompeii and the site was immediately closed to the public.

The House of Loreius Tiburtinus is famous for its extensive gardens and outdoor ornamentation, in particular its Euripi, fountains that feature many frescoes and statuettes. The frescoes portray the myths of Narcissus on one side of the fountain and Pyramus and Thisbe on the other in a garden full of fruit trees and other plants. At the end of November, the United Nations cultural agency UNESCO and the Italian government agreed to join forces to restore rain-damaged Pompeii after several recent collapses.

UNESCO said it would work with Italy over the next nine months to rebuild villas and other parts of the famed Roman site that have collapsed over the last year.

Under the deal, UNESCO said it would provide expert advice to the Italian government on how to upgrade conservation. […]

A few more details from AGI:

Anther column holding up the external pergola of the has fallen in Pompeii’s Loreio Tiburtino domus. This most recent collapse at one of the world’s most well-know archaeological site was probably caused by heavy rain recently experienced in the Campania Region. Carabinieri were called to the site after the incident was reported. This domus, one of the best known in Pompeii, stands on the Via dell’Abbondanza and was once the home of the descendant of an noble Roman family. It is characterized by a grandiose entrance opening on to a courtyard overlooked by many rooms with frescoes. Those in the triclinium are signed by “Lucius pinxit.” The decoration of one of these rooms has been described as a perfect example of the so-called fourth Pompeiian style, with figures including one of Isis’ priests portrayed against a white background. It was a column of the domus’ pergola that fell. Police consider this a serious event and have cordoned off the entire area.
Experts will analyse the situation and report to the prosecutor in Torre Annunziata responsible for investigating a series of these disasters for which a number of people are being investigated .

More coverage:


A nice little flickr photoset … and another …. similiter (but not flickr), including some reconstructions

Also Seen: Martha Lane Fox Interview

MSN has an interview with Martha Lane Fox that doesn’t have much ClassCon in it other than this interesting bit:

If you could give an hour to anybody (alive of dead) who would you choose and why?

Haha, now that’s a great question because one of the things that lots of people have said to me is that they’ve pledged their hour but were sick of their aunt or uncle not being on the internet. But actually it wasn’t about the computer, they just sat down and had a right laugh with the person, were told stuff about them (maybe they didn’t know) and really had a good time.

It’s a completely ridiculous and slightly fantastical answer but I started a foundation when I left, it’s called Antigone (pronounced an-ti-ga-nee).

I studied Classics when I was at university – Antigone was a character from Greek Myths who stood up for what she believed in. Her brother was wrongly accused of something and she was ultimately executed because she stood up for him and wouldn’t go with the way of the city. So that’s a very long-winded way of saying I would love to give my hour to Antigone. On many levels it would blow her mind away, the 6th century BC was very forward thinking (they invented democracy).

A more realistic fantasy person would be… [thinks] I know Obama is always on his BlackBerry but I wonder how much he really uses it? I think maybe I’d choose him – I met him for two minutes, but I’d like to extend my two minutes to an hour please. I’d like to show him how the world is changing even beyond how he imagines it changing.

… hmmm … imagine what Antigone would be if she had access to social media …