Next Pedrantry Target: The Daily Mail’s Snow Job

Sometimes it’s just too easy … I’m sitting here idly catching up on emails etc. (we’re in the midst of report cards) and enjoying @SaveRome’s photos of snowfall in the forum (via Twitter/Instagram), when suddenly I’m confronted with the Daily Mail‘s headline on the snowfall:

… er, let’s look back a couple of years (almost to the day) when we had some nice photos of snow falling on the Colosseum:

… which later was supplemented with Max Nelson’s (UWindsor) photos of snow falling through the oculus in the Pantheon (remember: these photos are a couple of years old …):

The Sun and Daily Mail should probably get together and have a review of how calendars and other assorted methods of reckoning time works …

The Sun, Seven Wonders, and Blackened Pots

Don’t like to start the day with a bit of pedantry, but when the Sun engages in pot-calling-the-kettle-blackery, I simply can’t resist … the incipit of a piece therein:

A QUARTER of clueless Brit holidaymakers claim to have visited historic Wonders of the World … which don’t even exist.

Top porkies include sightseeing at the Colossus of Rhodes, which was destroyed in 226 BC, and the Statue of Zeus at Olympia, ordered to be destroyed by Roman Emperor Caligula in the Fifth Century.

… I guess for rags like the Sun, Caligula will live on and on in their hearts forever … or maybe someone just read the Wikipedia article a bit too quickly …