Bryn Mawr Reviews

  • 2012.03.26:  Christiane Sourvinou-Inwood, Athenian Myths and Festivals: Aglauros, Erechtheus, Plynteria, Panathenaia, Dionysia (edited by Robert Parker).
  • 2012.03.25:  Marc Bizer, Homer and the Politics of Authority in Renaissance France. Classical presences.
  • 2012.03.24:  John Marincola, Greek and Roman Historiography. Oxford Readings in Classical Studies.
  • 2012.03.23:  Salvatore D’Onofrio, Le Sauvage et son double. Vérité des mythes.
  • 2012.03.22:  Daniel S. Richter, Cosmopolis: Imagining Community in Late Classical Athens and the Early Roman Empire.
  • 2012.03.21:  Carol C. Mattusch, Johann Joachim Winckelmann: Letter and Report on the Discoveries at Herculaneum.
  • 2012.03.20:  Mark Sundahl, David Mirhady, Ilias Arnaoutoglou, A New Working Bibliography of Ancient Greek Law (7th-4th centuries BC). Yearbook of the Research Centre for the History of Greek Law, volume 42. Supplement, 11.
  • 2012.03.19:  W. Martin Bloomer, The School of Rome: Latin Studies and the Origins of Liberal Education.
  • 2012.03.18:  Raymond Van Dam, Remembering Constantine at the Milvian Bridge.

Ides of March Madness ~ 2012 Edition

Well last year we threatened to make this sort of post a tradition and this year we carry out the threat, so break out the vodka and clamato juice (I guess that’s a Canadian thing) and enjoy:

We’ll begin with the usual items from our archives:

… and do our traditional highlighting of a couple, e.g.: SCTV’s production of Julius Caesar (interrupted by CCCP1 broadcast … the Julius Caesar resumes at roughly the four minute mark):

… and, of course, no Ides of March would be complete without Wayne And Schuster’s Classic Rinse the Blood Off My Toga:

In addition:

We’ll add some visuals to the compendium this year … via Vicki Alvear Shecter:

… and last night, while looking for a Caesar cookie cutter (mentioned on the Latinteach list), I came across this on the Citrus Report:

… and Somecards always has a nice card to remember the day:

… and as long as we’ve devolved into silliness, we’ll end with something shamelessly swiped from our favourite Trekkie (George Takei) on facebook: