Roman Glass-Making ‘District’ from Pozzuoli

The incipit of a piece from ANSA:

An ancient road on which glass-making workshops of artisans renowned for their skill in the first century A.D. of the Roman Empire has been found near Naples. The road, Clivius Vitrarius, recently surfaced in Pozzuoli during excavations for maintenance work on a modern road. The unexpected discovery occurred when the road sunk after heavy rain. In repairing it, workers came across archaeological finds and called the experts in from the Naples superintendent’s office, who in turn brought to light ancient structures near the area which housed Roman baths, as reported by the newspaper Corriere del Mezzogiorno. The latest excavations have added interesting historical information on Clivius Vitrarious, the road of the glass-making artisans famous throughout the Roman Empire, alongside their artisan counterparts north of modern-day Milan. […]

… the article goes on to talk about Pompeii and the upcoming ‘restoration’ for some reason …

Nuntii Latini (YLE)

From the fine folks at Radio Finland:

Timbuctum expugnatum est

Timbuctum, urbs Maliae septentrionalis, a copiis regiminis et Francogalliae cum magno incolarum gaudio expugnatum est. Victoria iis omnino incruenta erat, nam islamistae, qui urbem antea in potestate tenebant, inde aliquot diebus ante effugerant. Etiam Britanni copias in Maliam missuri sunt, quarum erit indigenas artem bellicam docere.

(Reijo Pitkäranta)

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