ClassiCarnival 05/31/06

Piles of stuff, of course:

The ARLT blog has solved its bandwidth problems (it appears), and a plethora of posts awaits at the main page …

Bread and Circuses has an interesting woodcut depiction of Arminius’ battle … there’s also a link to Heliodorus’ Aethiopica

PhDiva DK is looking at the temple of Triptolemos at Eleusis

A couple of items at Laudator … something on Omen (movieish) … more on Physician Heal Thyself’s N.S. Gill is pondering the portrayal of Helen in the Iliad

Bestiaria is classifying proverbia de sapientia

More Google Earth news from the Stoa … now we’re getting placemarks for the Catalog of Ships … (someone has to do the Antonine Itineraries) …

Campus Mawrtius is pondering the literacy level of St. Augustine’s congregation

Hobblyblog has a Republican issue of Censorinus/Marsyas …

All the ClassiCarnies are ablog with the notice that Mary Beard has started up a blog at the Times (actually, it’s been around for a month or so and none of us appear to have noticed until now) …

That has to be it for today, alas … work is calling …


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