Spartacus Series in the Works

Word’s out that there’s a new Roman-themed series in the works, drawing inspiration from “Rome” and “300”, and focussing on the story of Spartacus and his revolting ways. As described by Steven DeKnight, it will be:

“a totally R-rated, hard, hard show … There are decapitations, people being split in half … We don’t want to shy away from violence or sexuality. The beauty of being on premium cable is there is no story we can’t tell.”

Executive producer Rob Tapert describes the series as:

“Gladiator meets “Deadwood … We will make sure the process serves the storytelling and not the other way around.”

DeKnight adds:

“There’s a gladiator fight in the first season of ‘Rome’ that I leaped off my couch when I saw it …That will be more like what ‘Spartacus’ will be like.”

Hmmm … sounds like it will be either really, really good or really, really awful.

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