CONF: Lucretius: Poetry, Philosophy, and Science

Conference Programme

6 July

11.00 Registration
11.45-12.45 Daryn Lehoux (Queen’s, Ontario), ‘Soul in a World without
Spirit: The Ethics of Sensation in an Inanimate Universe’
12.45-1.40 Lunch
1.40-2.40 Monte Johnson (California-San Diego), ‘Lucretius and the cause of
2.40-3.40 James Hankinson (Texas-Austin), title tbc
3.40-4.00 Tea
4.00-5.00 David Konstan (Brown), ‘Lucretius and the Epicurean Attitude
toward Grief’

7 July

9.30-10.30 Monica Gale (Trinity College, Dublin), ‘Lucretius and Hesiod’
10.30-11.00 Coffee
11.00-12.00 Duncan Kennedy (Bristol), ‘Lucretius, Virgil and the Instauratio
Magna: Knowledge as a Project of Universal Empire’
12.00-1.00 Katharine Earnshaw (Manchester), ‘Lucretius and Lucan’
1.00-2.30 Lunch
2.30-3.30 Brooke Holmes (Princeton), ‘Lucretius and the Poetics of Cosmic
3.30-4.00 Tea
4.00-5.00 Andrew Morrison (Manchester), ‘Nil igitur mors est ad nos?
Iphianassa, the Athenian plague, and Epicurean views of death’

Venue: S.1.7, Samuel Alexander Building, The University of Manchester,
Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9PL, UK (building 67 on the campus map):

The booking form is now available on the webpage for this conference:


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