CONF: Re-Inventing Athens after Loraux

Re-Inventing Athens after Loraux: A Workshop on the Funeral Oration
Organisers: Julia L. Shear and Ian Ruffell

Saturday 27 June, 10 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.
Department of Classics
65 Oakfield Avenue
University of Glasgow

Originally published in 1981, Nicole Loraux’s book L’invention d’Athènes:
histoire de l’oraison funèbre dans la “cité classique” quickly became the
main port of call for any research on funeral orations; an English
translation soon appeared in 1986 as The Invention of Athens: The Funeral
Oration in the Classical City (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press).
Twenty-eight years later, this book has become a central plank in current
constructions of Athenian ideology and identity and it has widely influenced
studies of Athenian culture, literature and art. In this one-day workshop,
we seek to re-evaluate Loraux’s work by re-examining the funeral speeches in
their own right and reassessing what they can tell us about the social and
political construction of Athens.


10.00-10.30 coffee available

10.30-10.40 Julia L. Shear: welcome

10.40-11.50 Ian Ruffell: ‘The Ephitaphios as Agon’

11.50-1.00 Jon Hesk: ‘Loraux, Hypereides, and the Problem of

1.00-2.00 lunch

2.00-3.10 Alex Long: ‘Flattery and Socratic Politics in
Plato’s Menexenus’

3.10-3.40 tea

3.40-4.50 Julia L. Shear: ‘The Epitaphios and the Construction
of the Past’

4.50-5.00 Ian Ruffell: summary

pub and dinner in a local restaurant

Since one of our main aims is to promote discussion of the funeral orations,
there will be plenty of time scheduled during the day for informal
round-table discussion. All are most welcome join us. Lunch will be
provided, but it will be helpful to have an idea of numbers for catering.
For further details and to let us that you will be attending, please contact
the organisers: Julia L. Shear (j.shear AT or Ian
Ruffell (i.ruffell We look forward to seeing you
at our workshop.

A poster is available to download at: (colour) or (black and white)

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