ED: SALVI Rusticatio: 2009 Scholarship Application

seen on Latinteach:

SALVI is pleased to announce the availability of three need-based
scholarships, funded by the Amy High Foundation, for Rusticatio Omnibus
2009.  Applications for scholarships to Rusticatio Omnibus will be
accepted through June 10, 2009.  The SALVI Scholarship Committee chair
will notify applicants of the Committee’s decision via email on June 15.
Please note that scholarships cover only the Rusticatio Omnibus program
fees, and do not include support for travel expenses.

To compete for a scholarship, please do the following:

1.  Download an application for Rusticatio Omnibus from
www.latin.org/rusticatio.html.  Send the completed application to SALVI,
c/o Jacquelyn Myers, 1252 11th Street, #107, Santa Monica, CA, 90401.
(Disregard this step if you have already submitted your Rusticatio

2.  provide a personal statement of no more than 250 words in which you:
*  Briefly describe your present occupation (e.g., high school Latin
teacher, professor).
*  Explain why you believe attending Rusticatio Omnibus will help you in
developing your skills as a Latinist.
*  Explain how your attendance at Rusticatio Omnibus will enable you to
bring living Latin to a wider audience.
*  Explain why receiving this scholarship is necessary for you.  If you
are currently employed, please explain the likelihood of receiving
institutional support for program fees, travel, etc., or the
circumstances which might preclude such support.

Please send your personal statement by email to the Scholarship
Committee chair, Jacquelyn Myers, atiacoba AT latin.org

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