More Gladiator Fashion?

From the Mirror’s celebrity gossip pages:

Lindsay Lohan looks like an extra from the blockbuster movie Gladiator as she strides through LA in knee-high black sandal boots.

Perhaps ancient Roman is the latest trend or maybe she wants a patterned tan on her legs.

Beyonce looks even happier in strappy pumps and nephew Daniel seems to holey approve of her style.

His My Aunty Rocks T-shirt says it all.

If Ridley Scott is planning a Gladiator 2 he knows where to go for his female leads.

Oddly, the Mirror doesn’t include any photos … Shudoo comes through, though:

Shudoo photo
Shudoo photo

Not sure we can call those things ‘gladiator-style’ … you can decide for yourself if they are reminiscent of the gladiators on the Zliten mosaic:

Wikimedia Photo
Wikimedia Photo

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