Roman Hospital from South Moravia?

The incipit of an item from Ceske Noviny:

Czech archaeologists are excavating the foundations of an ancient Roman lazaretto (hospital) in Pasohlavky, which is the largest facility of its kind from this period preserved north of the Danube River, archaeologist Balazs Komoroczy told CTK today.

The hospital was part of an extensive fortified complex that the 10th Roman legion built on Hradisko hill at the Amber Road in the 2nd century AD, under the reign of Emperor Marcus Aurelius.

Hradisko was the northernmost outpost of the Roman Empire in Central Europe under Marcus Aurelius. The 10th legion was stationed there to take Germanic tribes in control.

Only foundation remains are preserved from the original hospital today because of the construction works 30 years ago when the huge Nove Mlyny dam was built at the site.

The 60-metre-long and 45-metre-wide hospital served for the treatment and relaxation of hundreds of Romans.

Archaeologists have known about its existence for years. However, they started excavating it only recently in connection with the planned construction of a thermal spa in Pasohlavky near Brno.

Not sure lazaretto is the right word — that usually refers to a quarantine station, no? Whatever the case, how does one identify an ancient building attached to a fort as a medical facility? As to the other finds in the area, this is all I could find: A Roman Camp in Musov (you’ll have to scroll down a bit)


2 thoughts on “Roman Hospital from South Moravia?

  1. congratulations with the find. this is the 37th roman military hospital ever found. for literature see: I’m currently writing a PhD on roman military medicine and hospitals. In 1993 i write an MA thesis on roman military hospitales: Valetudinaria excercitus. Militaire hospitalen in de oudheid (military hospitals in antiquity)Then i identified 33 hospitales but in recent years more hopsitales have been found. new ones will certainly be identified in the furture in other legionary forts.

    maarten dolmans

    • I am a Dri Lanken doctor interested in history of Medicine. We have a several ancient hospitals about 2000 years old. I believe thre are many things hospital planning etc with roman hospitals. I would like to see a ground plan of roman hospitals. Can you please help? I will send you more information on our ancient hospitals
      Thank you

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