CONF: Research Seminars at Kent

seen on the Classicists list:

Classical & Archaeological Studies

Research Seminars 2009–2010

29 September, 7.30 pm, Grimmond Lecture Theatre 1

Dr Paul Bennett, Canterbury Archaeological Trust

‘Recent Archaeological Work in Kent’

15 October, 6.00 pm, Cornwallis NW SR12

Dr Dries Tys, Free University Brussels

‘Seen and unseen: maritime societies, their hinterland relations and the origin of Antwerp and Bruges, between the 7th and 12th centuries’

4 November, 5.15 pm, KLT5

Professor Judith Herrin, King’s College London

‘What is Byzantium?’

2 December, 4.00 pm, Cornwallis NW SR12

Professor Philip Betancourt, University of Pennsylvania and Temple University

‘Excavations at the Early Minoan I hilltop of Aphrodite’s Kephali, in eastern Crete’

All welcome.

For a map of the campus and directions to the University of Kent please see:

For Further information please contact Efrosyni Boutsikas (E.Boutsikas AT

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