CONF: Seminars at Reading: Autumn 2009

seen on the Classicists list:




Wed 21 Oct 2009 4 pm
Annalisa Marzano, University of Reading
‘Understanding the Roman Economy. Winter Navigation and Pastio Villatica for Export’
HumSS, Room 175

Wed 28 Oct 2009 4 pm
Duncan Kennedy, University of Bristol
‘A Neglected Classic? The Astronomica of Manilius’
HumSS, Room 175

Thu 5 Nov 2009 4 pm
Barbara Graziosi, University of Durham
‘Homer’s perception of time and space’
HumSS, Room 175
[Please note that this seminar will be held on Thursday.]

Wed 11 Nov 2009 4 pm
Tim Rood, University of Oxford
‘Dubya Anabasis: Xenophon and the Iraq War’
HumSS, Room 175

Wed 18 Nov 2009 4 pm
Roger Ling, University of Manchester
‘Theseus at the gates of the Labyrinth: interpreting a Pompeian painting"
HumSS, Room 175

Wed 25 Nov 2009 4 pm
William Fitzgerald, King’s College London
‘Interpreting Miscellany: Aulus Gellius’ Noctes Atticae’
HumSS, Room 175

Wed 2 Dec 2009 3 pm
A special seminar with
Roland Mayer, King’s College London
Matthew Nicholls, University of Reading
Peter Kruschwitz, University of Reading
HumSS, Room 175

For directions to the University of Reading, please see:

Please contact Ian Rutherford (i.c.rutherford AT for further information.

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