Looking For Roman Lincoln

Work has begun on a new archeological dig in Lincoln, which could reveal more about the city’s rich Roman heritage.

Excavation at the site, whose exact location is being kept a secret to deter looters, is currently underway, and is expected to take place for around eight weeks. It is being reported that evidence of Roman walls have already been discovered.

The Romans conquered the Lincoln area of Britain in AD 48, and shortly afterwards built a legionary fortress high on a hill overlooking what is now the Brayford Pool.

The popularity of the city during the Roman occupation of Britain means that reported discoveries of artefacts and burial sites are no longer uncommon.

Dr Mick Jones, the city archeologist at the City of Lincoln Council, said that he expected the dig to uncover evidence of a Roman farm of villa.

“The building of the A46 by-pass in the 1980s revealed part of a Roman wall foundation, as well as some burials, suggesting a Roman estate with its own burial ground,” he explained.”Based on Lincoln’s rich history, the City of Lincoln Council employs an archeologist to advise on matters such as this,” he said.

“I advised that archeological investigations take place on part of the site before development began. This is so that any remains on the site are recorded before they are destroyed, and we thereby add to the information we already have about Lincoln’s archeology.

“There have been countless excavations in Lincoln, especially since the increased scale of development from the 1960s.”

via New archaeological dig to uncover Lincoln’s Roman artefacts – Echo..

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