Ancient Greek in the Park

coming to a park near you!

Educational charity The Iris Project will be starting up a new series of free lessons for adults and families this spring and summer across parks in Oxford and London, introducing the fascinating language of the ancient Greeks.

These sessions will be starting in London’s Hyde Park on 10th June and running weekly. A parallel series will be starting on 12th June in East Oxford’s South Park and will run every Saturday for ten weeks. Sessions will also be held in parks across London this summer. As with the ‘Latin in the Park’ series, Ancient Greek in the Parkwill involve a series of free hour-long weekly sessions introducing the ancient Greek language to adults and families in local communities.

Latin in the park was set up to help promote access to Classics amongst adults in local communities, and has been running since April 2008. Classics is often viewed as an elite area of study only accessible to the very educated, and this can be daunting or off-putting, so the intention is to encourage people from all walks of life and backgrounds in these communities to have a go at picking up a bit of Latin and now ancient Greek over lunch in a relaxed setting.

The Iris Project promotes access to Classics in state schools and urban areas and its patrons include Boris Johnson, Mayor of London and Baroness Warnock, amongst others.

For more information, please contact us through our website at


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