Citanda: Backpacking to Babylon

One of my spiders just dragged this back to my laptop … seems one Theodore May is retracing Alexander’s journey and is documenting his trip in a blog (along with associated tweets) called Backpacking to Babylon. Here’s a bit from the ‘about’ page:

Backpacking to Babylon represents several years of dreaming and planning. This project aims to chronicle Alexander’s long march to Babylon and his legendary rivalry with Darius, and where possible place his exploits in a modern-day context. In viewing the present through the prism of the past, I hope to enrich our understanding of both. Along the way, I hope to share with you many untold stories as well.
In order to do this, I am walking in the footsteps of Alexander the Great through seven countries/territories, over eight months, covering 2,000-plus miles, arriving ultimately in the capital of ancient Babylonia, Babylon, the remains of which are found 50-odd miles south of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. Some readers may quickly reference the Biblical hymn Psalm 137, while others may be more familiar with a popular “modern” interpretation by German disco band Boney M.

This project also aims to explore the limits of new media. Trekking through out-of-the-way places is nothing new — witness the exploits of explorers through the centuries. However, only in the past several years has it become possible for the rest of us at home to come along for the ride.

Check it out at:

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