CONF: Ancient Greek Music (Corfu)

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Department of Music
The Ionian University, Corfu
Seventh Annual Seminar on Ancient Greek Music
5-11 July 2010

Every year since 2004, the Department of Music at the Ionian University has
hosted a week-long seminar on a topic related to the music of ancient
Greece. The morning sessions are devoted to the study of one particular
text or topic; discussions are led by Dr Eleonora Rocconi (Pavia),
Professor Andrew Barker (Birmingham) and Professor Egert Pöhlmann
(Erlangen). In this year’s morning seminars (starting at 10.00 a.m.) we
shall be examining passages concerned with music in Plato’s Laws, as

Monday-Tuesday, 653c-667a (Eleonora Rocconi)
Wednesday-Thursday, 667b-671a, 700a-701b (Andrew Barker)
Friday-Saturday, 798d-812e (Egert Pöhlmann)

The afternoons are free. In the evenings from Monday to Saturday there is
a programme of lectures on topics to do with ancient Greek music, most of
which have no special connection with the issues discussed in the morning
sessions. The evening speakers at the 2010 seminars are as follows:

Monday 5 July
18.00 Panos Vlagopoulos (Ionian University): ‘Accessus ad seminaria’.
19.15 Andrew Barker (Birmingham): ‘Philo of Alexandria on the foundations
of music’.

Tuesday 6 July
18.00 Lydia Goehr (Columbia/NY) ‘The assessment of music and its
instruments in Plato’s Laws’.
19.15 Klaus Krüger (FU/Berlin) ‘Ideas of musicality and Platonism in
Renaissance painting’.

Wednesday 7 July
18.00 Stelios Psaroudakis (Athens): ‘The Aristoxenian theory of musical
19.15 Christos Terzis (Athens): ‘Harmonics for beginners: Baccheios’

Thursday 8 July
18.00 Antonella Provenza (Palermo): ‘Musical remedies for deadly problems:
music therapy in the Homeric poems’.
19.15 Andromachi Batziou (Ionian University): ‘A commentary on Plato
Phaedrus 246-254’.

Friday 9 July
18.00 Stefan Hagel (Vienna): ‘More about auloi’.
19.15 Joan Silva Barris (Barcelona): ‘The rhythms of Aeolic songs’.

Saturday 10 July
18.00 Barbara Kowalzig (London): ‘’Broken rhythms: materialising social
time in the Khoros’’.
19.15 Francesco Pelosi (Pisa): ‘Music and ethics in Plato and Plotinus’

On the final day of the event, Sunday 11 July, there will a round-table
discussion in the morning, and in the evening a public concert of music
linked to ancient Greek themes.

The official language of the seminars is English. Seminars in previous
years have been attended by participants from ten different countries in
Europe and the Americas, many of whom have returned year after year. But
the overall numbers are relatively small (between 20 and 35 each year); the
event is conducted in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, and we are always
happy to welcome newcomers. There is plenty of free time for socialising,
and for enjoying the sea, sunshine and other delights of Corfu.
The fee for attendance at the week of seminars and lectures is 200 euros.
Students attending can stay in the University’s dormitories, if they wish,
at a cost of 10 euros per night. All scholars and students who are
interested in joining us in 2010 should contact the organiser, Dr Panos
Vlagopoulos, email pvlag AT .

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