Romani Ite Domum!

From the world of UEFA Champions League soccer this week comes an item of interest … here’s a little excerpt from Sports Illustrated:

The Union of European Football Associations said the banner reading “Romani ite domum” – Latin for “Romans Go Home” – was considered provocative.

The slogan references a scene in the movie comedy Monty Python’s “Life of Brian.” UEFA did approve the German fans displaying a “Life of Bayern” flag at the Allianz Arena.

… and UEFA’s reasons:

In a statement, UEFA said: “Anything that may cause offense to a fan base or ethnic group, and therefore pose a security risk, including banners or symbols, is carefully vetted.”

… I guess UEFA didn’t want the crowd to get all ‘Classical’ on Bayern’s collective posteriors …

via: UEFA bars Munich fans’ Monty Python sign, cited as ‘provocative’

Sadly, the Romani do seem to have gone home in this one, losing 2-0 on goals by Klose and Mueller. To console myself, of course, I did the expected watching of a fave scene (you knew this was coming):


2 thoughts on “Romani Ite Domum!

  1. A (potentially, depending on whether the intent was inherently anti-Catholic or merely to play off a famous comic scene in which those from Rome are invited to return thither) less benign and certainly more political use of a “Romani ite domum” banner popped up yesterday, in a photograph of people in London protesting against the Pope’s being accorded a state visit, taken and posted by Dr Ben Goldacre at – the placard is to the immediate right of the central “I believe in science” one.

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