Citanda: Roman Republic Network

This was mentioned on the Classicists list a while ago … here’s a bit from the info page:

The purpose of this website is to exchange knowledge amongst scholars interested in the Roman Republic.

It aims to provide a forum for scholars working in all fields of historical, literary, linguistic or achaeological research involving the Roman Republic (c. 500-27 BC) and the nations surrounding it. A particular focus of the website are the processes of integration and identity formation that took place in this period in Italy and beyond.

The website intends to be the focal point for a network of scholars interested in these issues, and to facilitate contact between them. It will be used for sharing ongoing research, for example by publishing working papers on which you would like to receive feedback, and bibliographies, teaching resources, links, and other information that you think will be of interest to others.
If you would like to contribute, please contact Saskia Roselaar, saskia.roselaar AT

… there’s a few working papers up at the site (among other things) but it seems to have stalled. Perhaps some of rogueclassicism’s readers have something to contribute?


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