d.m. Yannis Sakellarakis

From Athens News:

Professor Yannis Sakellarakis was born in Athens in 1936. He studied at the University of Athens and read for a PhD at Heidelberg University.

He was an instructor at the universities of Athens, Heidelberg, and Hamburg. He gave lectures and presented papers in symposiums and conferences around the world, including Oslo and Petra, Tokyo, New York, Oxford, London, Princeton, and Harvard. He has published widely in Greek and foreign scientific magazines, including Archeology in 1967.

He was director of the Archaeological Museum of Iraklion, Crete, and the second director of the National Archaeological Museum of Athens. Also, he was a member of the Archaeological Society at Athens, the Deutsches Archäogisches Institut, and the Society of Antiquaries of London.

He excavated at Archanes, the Idaean Cave, and Kithira, and in recent years has been systematically excavating, along with his wife, Dr Efi Sapouna-Sakellarakis, the archaeological site of Zominthos.

He has received awards from the Academy of Athens, the Technological Education Institute of Crete, and the National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation. Also, he was honoured with the Gold Medal of the University of Crete and the Gold Cross of the Order of Honour of the Greek Republic.

Athens News also had a link to a nice little video at YouTube with Dr Sakellarakis showing us the Zominthos site:


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