CONF: The Hellenistic Court

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The Hellenistic Court

Hosted by The Centre for the Study of the Hellenistic World (CSHW), School
of History, Classics & Archaeology, The University of Edinburgh, 25th-27th
February 2011.

This conference aims to demonstrate the centrality of palace institutions
in the cultural and political milieu of the disparate societies that made
up the Hellenistic world, and will re-establish the importance of
recognizing the royal court as a major component in the culture of the
Greek-speaking world in the period c 323-31 BCE.

Eran Almagor (Jerusalem) ‘Plutarch’s Hellenistic Courts’
Kostas Buraselis (Athens), ‘Beyond and inside the polis. Aspects of
recruitment and synthesis of Hellenistic court and society’
Laurent Capdetrey (Poitiers), ‘The Seleucid Court, the King and the
Territory: integration and disintegration’
Livia Capponi (Newcastle), ‘Court Jews’
Paola Ceccarelli (Durham), ‘Protocols of communication in the Seleucid
David Engels (Université libre de Bruxelles) ‘The Achaemenid and the
Seleucid Courts – Structural Continuities, Personal Changes’
Danielle Fatkin (Knox), ‘Purity, Power, and the Invention of the Hasmonean
Bathing Tradition’
Oleg Gabelko (Kazan State University), ‘The Court Society, Die Herrschende
Gesellsсhaft, Ethno-Сlasse Dominante: the Example of Bithynia and
Erich Gruen (UC Berkeley), ‘Hellenistic Court Patronage and the Non-Greek
Craig Hardiman (Waterloo), ‘Court-ing the Public: The Attalid Court and
Domestic Display’
Maria Kopsacheili (Oxford), ‘The Hellenistic Palace and the Ideology of
the Court’
Silvia Milanezi (Nantes) ‘Flatterers and Parasites at Court’
Peter Franz Mittag (Köln), ‘Seleucid Kings and their Courtiers’
Janett Morgan (Royal Holloway London), ‘At Home with Royalty: Constructing
the Hellenistic Palace’
Kevin Osterloh (Miami), ‘From Common Benefactor to Protector of the Human
Rome in the Eyes of the Judean Court’
Olga Palagia (Athens), ‘The royal court in ancient Macedonia: evidence
from art and archaeology’
Ivana Petrovic (Durham), ‘Callimachus’ gods and the Ptolemaic royal
family: models and echoes’
Ivana Savalli-Lestrade (Paris), ‘Bios aulikos. The Multiple Ways of Life
of Courtiers in the Hellenistic Age’
Daniel Selden (UC Santa Cruz), ‘Reading the Rosetta Stone: Language,
Literacy, and Power at the Ptolemaic Court’
Rolf Strootman (Utrecht), ‘Eunuchs, Renegades and Outsiders: The Favorite
at the Hellenistic Royal Courts’
Dorothy Thompson (Cambridge), ‘Outside the capital: the Ptolemaic court
and Courtiers’
Shane Wallace (Edinburgh), ‘Remembering the Past at the Hellenistic Courts’

Full details and registration at:

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