CONF: Land and natural resources in the Roman World

Seen on the Classicists list:

Land and natural resources in the Roman World
Brussels, 2011, Thu. 26th – Sat. 28th May (The Royal Flemish Academy of
Belgium & Free University of Brussels)

For details on the program, registration, locations and accommodations see
our website: or contact Paul
Erdkamp (perdkamp AT

Koen Verboven (UGent) & Paul Erkamp (VUBrussel)

Speakers include:
* Paul Erdkamp: Agriculture and the various paths to economic growth
* Annalisa Marzano: The varieties of villa exploitation, from agriculture to
* Colin Adams, Moving Natural Resources
* Jordan Pickett, Construction and the Roman Economy: Five Logistical Case
Studies from Roman and Late Antique Cappadocia in Comparison
* Ray Laurence, State and Road Building in the Roman Empire
* Daniel Hoyer, Diverse crop harvesting and the Maghrebi agrarian economy
* Hilali Arbia, Rome et l’agriculture en Afrique. L’aménagement de l’espace
et la gestion des ressources naturelles
* Julia Hoffmann-Salz, The local economy of Palmyra – Organizing agriculture
in an oasis environment
* Tony King: Regional factors in production and consumption of
animal-derived food in the Roman Empire
* Michael McKinnon, Changes in animal husbandry as a consequence of changing
social and economic patterns
* Kyle Harper, Patterns of Landed Wealth in the Long Term
* Elio Lo Cascio, The development of imperial property
* Rens Tacoma, Imperial wealth in Roman Egypt. The Julio-Claudian ousiai
* Christer Bruun, Ownership and legislation concerning water resources
* Adam Rogers, Controlling waterscapes. A study of towns and water in Roman
* Toni Naco del Hoyo & Dario Nappo, When the waters recede. Economic
recovery and public policies after the AD 365 tsunami and some earlier
* Yuri Marano, Management of water resources in Ostrogothic Italy (end of
the 5th – first half of the 6th century A.D.)
* Shawn Graham, Areas of logging and agent-based models of resource
* Isabella Tsigarida, Salz in der Provinz Asia. Eine Untersuchung
staatlicher Interessen an der Ressource
* Alfred Hirt, The Roman Army, Imperial Quarries and the Emperor
* Fernando Lopez Sanchez, The mining, coining and obtaining of gold in the
Roman Empire
* Saskia Roselaar: The role of Italians in local economies of the late Roman
* Sophia Zoumbaki: The exploitation of local resources of Western Greece by
Romans and Italiote Greeks

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