CONF: Cults and Cult Centres in the Roman Near East

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A one-day workshop, co-sponsored by CAMNE (the Durham Centre for the Study of the Ancient Mediterranean and the Near East) and the Rosemary Cramp Fund.

Venue: Department of Classics, Durham University – 38 North Bailey, Durham DH1 3EU
Date: Saturday, 30 April 2011
Time: ca 10.30am – ca 5.30pm

The religious life of the various regions and localities that constitute the Roman Near East is a hot topic. Major recent collections emphasise the fact that the religious cultures and temple-complexes within the Levant were, obvious similarities notwithstanding, above all very different from each other.

This one-day workshop is a small-scale contribution to this ongoing debate. Individual papers will focus on specific cult centres and their respective patterns of worship, and the combined studies of the particular religious settings (architectural, topographical, but also mythological) will serve to throw further light on the unique religious world of the Near East when it was under imperial control.


Michael Blömer (Münster)
At Jupiter Dolichenus’ home: excavating in the sanctuary on Dülük Baba Tepesi (Doliche)

Massimo Brizzi (Rome & Durham)
The use of religious and profane space in the urban sanctuary of Artemis at Gerasa of the Decapolis

Anna Collar (Exeter)
Title TBA

Ted Kaizer (Durham)
Franz Cumont and the early study of religious life in Dura-Europos

Andreas Kropp (Nottingham)
Anatomy of a Phoenician goddess: the Tyche of Berytus (Beirut) and her acolytes

Francesca Mazzilli (Durham)
Transformation of the rural religious landscape in the Hauran: ‘indigenous’ vs Graeco-Roman cults?

Edmund Thomas (Durham)
The sanctuary of Baitocaece at Hosn Soleiman: architecture and text

There will be no fee, and lunch and coffee/tea will be provided. The detailed programme will be circulated in due course.

All welcome!

Ted Kaizer & Anna Leone

(ted.kaizer AT & anna.leone AT

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