The Trojan Peep

In recent years the Washington Post has been sponsoring a ‘Peep Show’ wherein contestants use Peeps to recreate famous (or not so famous) scenes … here’s one from the Aeneid … I admit having to look at it for a while before figuring it out:

From the Washington Post

The official description:

The famous scene from “The Aeneid” was created by professor Virginia Haufler, 51, of Silver Spring, and the wooden Trojan Peep was constructed by her sister Marge Haufler, 48, who lives in Conshohocken, Pa. Marge mailed the Trojan Peep to Virginia, who whipped up the rest in a weekend. “Everyone particularly liked Helen of Troy sitting in the corner overseeing the scene, with her gold belt and flowing hair,” Virginia says.

There are about 40 different scenes there (not Aeneid-related) … maybe this can be a class project for someone.

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