CONF: Eighth Annual Seminar on Ancient Greek Music

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Eighth annual seminar on ancient Greek music

The Ionian University, Corfu, 4-9 July 2011 (with preliminaries on July 3)

Every summer since 2004, the Music Department at the Ionian University has
held a week-long seminar on ancient Greek music. The programme follows a
regular pattern: the mornings are devoted to the study of the particular
text or topic chosen for that year, and in the evenings there are lectures
on other topics of interest to students of the subject. This year there
will also be a preliminary session, on Sunday July 3, introducing
participants who are not specialists in Greek musicology to some of the
basics of the subject, especially those relevant to the chosen text; and
each evening there will be classes designed specifically for Greek
students, taking them through the next day’s passage of text and helping
them to translate it. This year the text for the morning seminars is Book
8 of Aristotle’s Politics; the seminars will be led by Dr Eleonora Rocconi
(University of Pavia), Prof. Andrew Barker (University of Birmingham) and
Prof. Egert Pöhlmann (University of Erlangen).
The afternoons (when it is sometimes too hot for serious work) are free
for swimming, sight-seeing, sleeping or what you will. The sessions take
place in the magnificent settings of the Mon Repos palace (the former
summer residence of the Greek royal family) and the main university
building (the Ionian Academy).

Sunday July 3, Ionian Academy 10.00: Introduction to Greek music and
musicology (Andrew Barker)

Sunday July 3 to Friday July 8, Ionian Academy 18.00: translation classes
for Greek students (Petros Andriotis and Andromache Batziou)

Monday July 4 to Saturday July 9, Mon Repos 10.00: seminars on Aristotle,
Politics Book 8 (July 4-5 Eleonora Rocconi, 6-7 Andrew Barker, 8-9 Egert

Monday July 4 to Saturday July 9, Ionian Academy 19.00: lectures. The
speakers and topics are as follows (provisionally in this order, but it
may change).
Monday July 4: Massimo Raffa, University of Calabria, ‘Porphyry on voice
and perception’.
Tuesday July 5: Christos Terzis, University of Athens, a discussion of
Dionysius’ Technē mousikēs.
Wednesday July 6: Tosca Lynch, University of St Andrews, ‘A sophist “in
disguise”: a reconstruction of Damon of Oa and his role in Plato’s
Thursday July 7: Andomache Batziou, Ionian University, ‘Some
notes on the educational role of the aulos in the first half of the fifth
century BCE’.
Friday July 8: Martin Carle, Humboldt University,
Berlin, ‘Harmony to the power of melody: epistemology and computation in
Aristoxenian theory’.
Saturday July 9: Stelios Psaroudakis, University of Athens, ‘How complex
can a complex rhythm be?’
Stefan Hagel, University of
Vienna, ‘From metre to rhythm: searching for traces of a path’.

In the past we have had participants from about a dozen different
countries in Europe and the Americas; for the seminars and lectures, and
for the introductory session, we obviously have to choose a language which
is more or less common property, and the language we use is English. The
translation classes will be conducted in modern Greek…

The fee for participation is 200 euros. Accommodation for students (both
undergraduates and post-graduates) can be provided in the university
dormitories at very low cost, but the number of places is limited, and it
is essential to book in advance to ensure a place. Students who want to
take advantage of this facility should contact one of the organizers (see
below) as soon as possible, certainly by the end of May and preferably
well before that. Other participants should let the organizers know that
they intend to come; it would be helpful if they could get in touch soon,
though there is no deadline for doing so. They will need to arrange their
own accommodation, but the organizers will be happy to offer advice.

For all other information, please get in touch with one of the organizers,
Dr Petros Andriotis (pandriot AT and Prof. Panos Vlagopoulos
(pvlag AT

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