Roman Goose March

I was just grumbling on Facebook because I couldn’t access this via the BBC archive … it does reside on Youtube, as it turns out. From a  1966 edition of BBC Chronicle (the volume seems rather low on this):

100 days’ march… as Pliny says (NH 10.27 … via Lacus Curtius): mirum in hac alite a Morinis usque Romam pedibus venire.( fessi proferentur ad primos; ita ceteri stipatione naturali propellunt eos. ) Mirum indeed!

2 thoughts on “Roman Goose March

  1. Well that was an absolute hoot. Well worth taking a gander.

    Or does “hoot” indicate the wrong sort of bird? I fear I may have fowled my comment. What a silly goose I am.

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