CFP: Crossing the Divide: Ancient History and Archaeology 10 Years After ‘Breaking Boundaries’

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Crossing the Divide: Ancient History and Archaeology 10 Years After
‘Breaking Boundaries’.

Workshop: School of Archaeology & Ancient History, University of Leicester
November 19, 2011

The relationship between ancient sources, material culture and
contemporary scholarship is an uneasy one. The Classical world is
typically studied either through the lens of ancient text or material
culture; when they are brought together it is usually as a
complementary or subsidiary source of information. Historians use
material culture to either amend or support ancient texts, and
archaeologists use text to aid in the interpretation of remains, or to
dispute the assertions of historians. But the role of texts and
objects in contemporary conceptions of the ancient world cannot be
understated – rarely are the divisions between the two as clear cut as
we would like. Ten years ago, these ideas were examined in a
Theoretical Archaeology Group (TAG) session (published as Sauer (ed)
2004. Archaeology and Ancient History: Breaking Down the Boundaries.
London: Routledge). What, if anything, has changed in the last decade?

This workshop will examine a range of approaches to dealing with these
complex and frequently contradictory relationships. Placing emphasis
on how the relationship between people and things changes over the
long term, and how we present that relationship, the workshop
participants will critically question the importance of places,
artefacts and texts in our understanding of the ancient world.

Potential topics might include: the ‘ruin’ in text and material
remains; notions of monumentality in the ancient world; the use of the
past in the past; reception of text in classical archaeology; or,
specific case studies incorporating author(s) and archaeology.

Keynote speaker: Prof Eberhard Sauer, School of History, Classics and
Archaeology, University of Edinburgh

Potential speakers, including postgraduates, are encouraged to submit
abstract of c.300 words by email to the organiser by July 1st, 2011.

For more information, contact:
Dr Daniel Stewart, School of Archaeology and Ancient History,
University of Leicester
ds120 TA

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