CONF: Gendered Perspectives on Reading and Reception of Classical Texts

Seen on the Classicists list:

International Interdisciplinary Conference on Classical Greek and Roman Literature: Gendered Perspectives in Reading and Reception
April 1, 2012

Sponsored by the Department of Classics at the University of Maryland, College Park
Organized by Judith P. Hallett (Classics); Jane Donawerth (English); Caroline Eades (French: School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures)
Honoring the scholarship and teaching of Barbara McManus, Professor Emerita of Classics, College of New Rochelle

The conference features a series of presentations by distinguished classical scholars from North America and abroad whose work has provided gendered perspectives on both ancient Greek and Roman literary texts and later responses to these texts. It also highlights the work of UMCP faculty members engaged in classical reception research from the vantage point of many other disciplines, spotlighting the arts and in particular film.

Speakers will include Izumi Azikawa (Theatre, Dance and Performance, UMCP), Joan Burton (Classics and Undergraduate Studies, UMCP), Silvia Carlorosi (Italian-SLLC UMCP), Theresa Coletti (English, UMCP), Michael Collier (English, UMCP), Sandra Cypess, Spanish-SLLC, UMCP) , Lillian Doherty (Classics, UMCP), Caroline Eades, Arthur Eckstein (History UMCP), Jacqueline Fabre-Serris (Lille), Barbara Gold (Hamilton), Edith Hall (Royal Holloway, London), Henriette Harich (Basel), filmmaker Judith Dwan Hallet, Madeleine Henry (Iowa State), Alison Keith (Toronto), Melanie Kill (English, UMCP), Helen King (Open University), Julie Koser (Germanic Studies-SLLC, UMCP), Rose-Marie Oster (Germanic Studies-SLLC, UMCP), Nancy Rabinowitz (Hamilton), Amy Richlin (UCLA), Martha Nell Smith (English, UMCP), Christopher Stray (Wales and Institute for Advanced Study), Francoise Letoublon (Grenoble).

This conference has been made possible by funding from the UMCP ADVANCE Project for Women (itself funded by the National Science Foundation), a Presidential Initiative Grant from the Classical Association of the Atlantic States, and the Departments of Classics and English, the School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, and the College of Arts and Humanities at UMCP. It is being held in conjunction with the new seminar series for Classics faculty affiliates as well as with a series of workshops on women and gender in Latin and classics pedagogy held during the spring 2012 semester.

For further information, please contact Judith P Hallett at jeph AT

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