National Archaeology Day Coming Up

A letter from the AIA’s Lauren Fragoza:

National Archaeology Day Celebrations

22 October 2011- The Archaeological Institute of America and several leading archaeological organizations are hosting events in over 100 cities across the United States and Canada for people of all ages and interests as part of the first annual National Archaeology Day on October 22.

Whether it is a family-friendly archaeology fair, a guided tour of a local archaeological site, a simulated dig, a lecture, or a classroom visit from an archaeologist, interactive, hands-on programs will provide visitors with the chance to indulge their inner Indiana Jones.

Each year thousands of people learn about the latest archaeological discoveries and share in the excitement of uncovering and rewriting history through various AIA outreach activities, publications, and websites. National Archaeology Day is a chance for archaeology enthusiasts to celebrate these discoveries and it is an opportunity for archaeological organizations to promote resources and events to ensure that people stay informed and connected throughout the year

The AIA, a nonprofit group founded in 1879, is North America’s oldest and largest organization devoted to the world of archaeology. It has nearly 250,000 members from all walks of life, and this diverse group is united by a shared passion for archaeology and its role in furthering human knowledge.

Check out the calendar of events to find a program near you and keep an eye on our blog to learn about new developments and for special updates in anticipation of this exciting event. For more information you can visit the AIA website at, or contact the AIA at 617-353-9361 or

Thank you,

Lauren Fragoza
Education Assistant
Archaeological Institute of America

A quick glance at the links to branches of the AIA in a 100 or so km radius of me shows plenty of lectures of Classical archaeology interest … worth a look!

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