One thought on “Blogosphere ~ Selinunte. Smentito il progetto di ricostruzione del Tempio G

  1. I was at Selinunte a few months ago and it is an astonishingly beautiful site. However, the idea of reconstructing Temple G is mind-boggling, to say the least! It is a vast structure and the rubble of the collapsed building is an impressive monument in its own right. I have seldom seen the directionality of a seismic collapse expressed so clearly and compellingly. Meanwhile, major Sicilian archeological sites remain unexcavated or even worse, were excavated and then allowed to go back to nature. Megara Hyblaea is perhaps the most allarming case that I have seen recently. I can understand the impulse of the authorities to promote a few photogenic superstars, but Agrigento, Segesta, Siracusa, Piazza Armerina and Selinunte are not the beginning and end of the story! Intriguing as the idea of reconstructing Temple G may be, I am therefore rather glad that the reconstruction is not happening. What are the current funding priorities in Sicily? I saw some imposing projects under way in the Theater area in Catania and at the Roman Villa at Piazza Armerina. Work in the archeological zone at Siracusa (still largely closed to the public as of last August) seems desultory at best.

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