CFP: Bodily Functions: the Corpus and Corpora in Ancient Literature

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AMPAL 2012 ‘Bodily Functions: the Corpus and Corpora in Ancient Literature’

Ioannou Centre for Research in Classical and Byzantine Studies
University of Oxford, 8th-9th September 2012

1) Poster Competition

In addition to the call for papers previously circulated, AMPAL 2012 is
pleased to invite proposals for a research poster competition, on the theme
‘Bodily Functions: the corpus and corpora in ancient literature’. Research
posters are becoming increasingly popular in the humanities and social
sciences as a creative and interactive way for researchers to present their
work and gain constructive feedback. They are a very immediate and succinct
way to communicate ideas and themes in a creative and visual format.

Selected posters will be on display in the Ioannou Centre for Classical and
Byzantine Studies during the conference, and there will be the opportunity
to discuss and present the posters. A prize will be offered for the winning

Postgraduates at any stage of their research are encouraged to submit a
title and brief abstract (no more than 200 words) for a poster on the
conference theme to ampal.oxford.2012 @ with ‘Poster’ in the
subject-line; please include your name, level of study, and institution. The
deadline for the poster competition is 1 May 2012. Delegates are welcome to
submit abstracts for both the poster competition and a conference paper;
these will be considered separately.

For more information on presenting academic research in posters, please see:

2) Call for Papers

‘Bodily Functions: The Corpus and Corpora in Ancient Literature’

The AMPAL is a two day residential conference which brings together
post-graduates from across the international classical community. The event
offers a unique opportunity for graduates to present their work, to meet
other researchers and academics from across the discipline and to engage in
lively and stimulating discussion on a significant critical theme. In
particular, the AMPAL offers an encouraging environment for post-graduates
to present their first paper and for speakers and chairs to receive peer
review. Previous conferences have also included the opportunity for publication.

Our keynote speaker for the event will be Prof. Matthew Leigh of St Anne’s
College, Oxford.

Proposals are invited for papers of 20 minutes on the theme of the corpus
and corpora in ancient literature. Papers should discuss the body and its
functions in the Greek and Latin languages, literature (including both
poetry and prose, historiography, philosophy, oratory, etc.), and in the
modern reception of classical texts.

Suggestions are set out below; however, other interpretations of the theme
are very welcome:

– medical literature
– food, hunger and eating
– the dichotomy between the body and the mind
– textual representations of the human form
– the role of bodily movements in the performance of drama and oratory
– scatology
– transformation and metamorphosis
– physical appearance as characterisation
– the grotesque
– beauty and aesthetic ideals
– absence and presence
– the anthropomorphisation of places and landscapes
– bodily language and imagery

Abstracts of no more than 300 words are to be submitted, by 1st May 2012,
via email to: ampal.oxford.2012 @
When submitting abstracts, please include your name, academic institution
and level of study. Proposals for panels of up to three co-ordinated papers
are very welcome.

Conference organisors:
Eleanor Reeve, Simone Finkmann, Helen Todd, Jane Burkowski & Lucy Van

Contact: ampal.oxford.2012 @

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