‘Gladiators’ Take the Colosseum

This seems to have only been picked up briefly by AP, so I’ll just include the first line from the Washington Post’s coverage, which pretty much says it all:

Several Romans dressed as gladiators have climbed the Colosseum to protest a crackdown on their unauthorized business of posing with tourists for money. […]

Of course, this is in the wake of something we mentioned t’other day: Gladiators Get the Boot and Gladiators Get the Boot ~ Followup.

But for the full effect, check out the slideshow at La Reppubblica (which even has a bit of Classical ink) … and they’ve got a video too … full article: Colosseo, blitz dei gladiatori in quattro salgono sul primo anello

… I’m waiting with baited breath for them to start chanting Io sono Spartaco!

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