Death of Alexander Redux Redux Redux

With West Nile being back in the news (as it is around here, anyway) it seems inevitable that someone will — once again — suggest a connection between that and the death of Alexander the Great. And so it isn’t surprising to read Did Alexander the Great die from West Nile? in the Mother Nature Network that exact thing. But before this hits the mainstream press, it seems salutary to note that this item is based on a study from almost a decade ago, which we mentioned when rogueclassicism was in its infancy, so I won’t bother repeating (CHATTER: West Nile and Alexander) … we’ll also point to our more recent roundup of all the theories about Al’s death (Puddle Question: What Killed Alexander the Great?). About the current one, however, we will make note of the final line:

Perhaps the history books should finally acquit Aristotle?

via: Did Alexander the Great die from West Nile?

… wow … the last person I recall implicating Aristotle in the death of Alexander was Lyndon LaRouche and it was so long ago, I can’t even remember where or when. Am I incorrect in that? Did I miss a memo?

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