CFP: Israel Society for the Promotion of Classical Studies

The Israel Society for the Promotion of Classical Studies is pleased to announce its 42nd annual conference to be held at Tel-Aviv University, Wed.-Thurs., 12-13 June, 2013.

The conference is the annual meeting of the Israel Society for the Promotion of Classical Studies. Papers on a wide range of classical subjects, including but not limited to history, philology, philosophy, literature and archaeology of Greece and Rome and neighboring countries are welcome.

The time limit for each lecture is 20 minutes. The official languages of the conference are Hebrew and English. Sessions where Israeli scholars present their papers are held in Hebrew; sessions where foreign scholars deliver their lectures are held in English.

Accommodation at reduced prices will be available at local hotels. Registration forms with a list of prices will be sent to participants in due course.

Registration fee for participation in the conference is $50 or NIS 200.

Please forward proposals, abstracts and other correspondence to:

Dr. Ory Amitay, Secretary of the ISPCS

email: ory.amitay AT ; or (by regular mail): The Secretary, ISPCS – Dr. Ory Amitay, Department of History, University of Haifa, 31905 Mt. Carmel, Haifa ISRAEL (office telephone: +972-4-8249481).

All proposals should be accompanied by a one page abstract (about 250-300 words). Proposals in Hebrew should also be accompanied by a one-page abstract in English to appear in the conference brochure. All proposals should reach the secretary by 18th December, 2012. Decisions will be made after the organizing committee has duly considered all the proposals. If a decision is required prior to late January, please indicate this in your letter and we will try to accommodate your needs.

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