Bryn Mawr Classical Reviews

  • 2012.09.59:  Marcello Spanu, The Theatre of Diokaisareia. Diokaisareia in Kilikien: ergebnisse des Surveys 2001-2006, Bd 2.
  • 2012.09.58:  B. Richard Page, Aaron D. Rubin, Studies in Classical Linguistics in Honor of Philip Baldi. Amsterdam studies in classical philology, 17.
  • 2012.09.57:  Andrew Robinson, Cracking the Egyptian Code: the Revolutionary Life of Jean-François Champollion.
  • 2012.09.56:  Tomasz Mojsik, Between Tradition and Innovation: Genealogy, Names and the Number of the Muses. Akme. Studia historica, 9.
  • 2012.09.55:  Evan Hayes, Stephen Nimis, Lucian’s The Ass: an Intermediate Greek Reader. Greek text with running vocabulary and commentary.
  • 2012.09.54:  Keith Bradley, Apuleius and Antonine Rome: Historical Essays. Phoenix supplementary volumes, 50.
  • 2012.09.53:  Jürgen Franssen, Votiv und Repräsentation: statuarische Weihungen archaischer Zeit aus Samos und Attika. Archäologie und Geschichte, Bd 13.
  • 2012.09.52:  Emma Stafford, Herakles. Gods and Heroes of the Ancient World.
  • 2012.09.51:  Stephen Hodkinson, Ian Macgregor Morris, Sparta in Modern Thought: Politics, History and Culture.
  • 2012.09.50:  Klaus Junker, Interpreting the Images of Greek Myths. An Introduction.
  • 2012.09.49:  Eleanor Cowan, Velleius Paterculus: Making History.
  • 2012.09.48:  Daniel H. Garrison, The Student’s Catullus. Fourth edition (first edition published 1989). Oklahoma series in classical culture, 5.
  • 2012.09.47:  Stephen Mitchell, David French, The Greek and Latin Inscriptions of Ankara (Ancyra), Vol. I: From Augustus to the end of the third century AD.

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