CONF: King’s College London Autumn Term Research Seminar

Seen on the Classicists list:

Many fascinating people have taught or studied the ancient Greeks & Romans
at KCL since its foundation in the late Georgian era. This five-part
research seminar represents a joint project in which we excavate the
contributions of ten of them to intellectual, cultural and pedagogical
history. Everyone is welcome; all sessions take place at 5.15pm in Classics
Room B6 (Strand Campus). The final session will be followed immediately by a
seasonal festivity. Please address any enquiries to edith.hall AT

9th October Mike Trapp on Joseph Anstice
Edith Hall on Charles Kingsley

23rd Oct. Dominic Rathbone on H.H. Scullard
Ellen Adams on Bernard Ashmole

13th Nov. Fiona Macintosh on George Warr
Helen Eastman on Virginia Woolf

27th Nov. Ismene Lada-Richards on Winnington-Ingram
Hugh Bowden on John Barron

11th Dec. Henrik Mouritsen on A.J. Toynbee
Lindsay Allen on William Marsden


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