Caesar’s Assassination Site Redux ~ “Excessive Interpretation”

Last week or so we mentioned the media flurry about the discovery of the purported site of Caesar’s assassination (Site of Caesar’s Assassination Found?) … those reports were generated by one of the archaeologists working at the Largo Argentina site (Antonio Monterroso) … now fellow archaeologist Marina Mattei is saying ‘not so fast …

One thought on “Caesar’s Assassination Site Redux ~ “Excessive Interpretation”

  1. I’ve been following this story since it broke.
    The reports claimed that the Spanish archaologists were just mapping the entire site.
    And no excavations were done at the site they claimed was a later Augustus structure which has been exposed since 1927.
    In the video the Italian Archaeologist points to a partial opus reticulatum wall as one end of the “claimed” Augustus structure.

    IMO and i’m very certain these were small rooms within the concrete podium/foundation like the Temple of Saturn and the Temple of Castor/Pollux in the Roman Forum.

    So the Curia’s floor would have once been above these wall structures we see today.

    There is still an intact groundlevel doorway into this podium (photo in the posted link) and even today if you entered this doorway and turned left there is a narrow passageway between two of these walls with 3 intact stone steps leading up.

    The opus ret. wall in the video is one wall in a small enclosed square area I call the ~1+m/sq room.
    That wall is just under 1m lower and higher than the large concrete podium remains right next to it.

    So even if I’m wrong about the higher floor level that large intact section of concrete podium *would have* to be the floor level of the Curia.
    And the only way Augustus could build that wall would be by ripping up the Curia’s floor and digging down at least 1m into the concrete podium to build this structure?

    Some photos and my take on these structures. Or
    Scroll down to the Oct, 18 2:57am post.

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