Rome in the 1920s

My spiders brought back this video from Youtube showing (rather hastily in spots) what the various monuments of Rome were like before Mussolini et al started digging … kind of interesting from a ‘see how far we’ve come’ point of view:


2 thoughts on “Rome in the 1920s

  1. I also reblogged at There’s
    one, possibly two errors in the film. Back then, folk thought any
    round temple was to Vesta. The one given to her at 0:32 is really
    the so-called Temple of Hercules Victor in the Forum Boarium. The
    other possible error is the “House of the Vestals” at 1:57. Either
    it is really the Basilica Julia, or the film is reversed, given the
    position of the Temple of Antoninus in the background. Great find

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