Lego Acropolis!!!

A while back we had a very nice story (which got a lot of attention in the epress world) about someone who had made a model of the Colosseum from Lego (Lego Colosseum!!!) . Now we read of the same buy building  a Lego Acropolis too (with some added details)! Here’s a photo from the Brisbane Times:

From the Brisbane Times

The article that accompanies the photo includes this:

The Lego Acropolis includes ancient and modern details, some accurate and others hilarious. In the small Odeon, Theseus is winding his way through a labyrinth made of string to face the Minotaur. In the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, Elton John, is giving a concert to modern-day tourists. Lord Elgin and his crew can be seen stealing the marbles, while Sigmund Freud, who visited the Acropolis in 1904, looks on. Somehow, Gandalf, from The Lord of the Rings, makes an appearance as does Tony Mokbel, the Australian fugitive arrested in Athens in 2008, complete with ill-fitting wig.

We need to get this guy to bring his stuff to an APA, CA, or CAC meeting … great way to get the press there, no?

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