One thought on “PhDiva | The Oldest Inscription of “Rome”?

  1. One look at the inscription in the photographs will suffice to show that there’s considerable divergence between the text as transmitted by the object itself and its reading as King reports it. The latter is a reconstruction and expansion shorn of the conventional brackets indicating restorations and suppletions. A text of the restored and expanded inscription bearing these conventional editorial signs will be found here:

    It’s possible that primary author of the article forthcoming in REL 90 will be professor Paolo Poccetti of the Università di Roma Tor Vergata. He’s the author of a recent article on the praenomina of ancient Campania and it seems from this report in _Il Tempo_ (which, however, misidentifies REL as “Revue épigraphie Latin”)
    that the archaeologist Sacco (who may have found the abbreviation “TR” unfamiliar) has turned to him for linguistic expertise.

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