Classicists and the 9/11 Monument

Didn’t know there was a controversy raging over the quotation from Vergil on the 9/11 monument … perhaps there isn’t, but the New York Times asked three classicists (Helen Morales, Llewelyn Morgan, and Shadi Bartsch-Zimmer) to weigh in on the appropriateness of the out-of-context sentiment Nulla dies umquam memori vos eximet aevo … You can read their thoughts here:

Then, for old times’ sake, you can check out one of our posts from 2010 (when the inscription  is first mentioned in the 9/11 memorial context):

… and even earlier (2009) when we noted the quote had been used on the Valiants Memorial in Ottawa:

In any event, if there’s a problem with it now, they had four years (at least) to speak up (“they” not being the Classicists mentioned above, but the people who figured Classicists should be asked at this point in time) …

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