Vomitorium Watch

Alas … after going over a year without catching an example of the egregious misuse of the word,  Will Self in an opeddish thing in BBC Magazine (of all places): For what I think we require, as a society, is some sort of collective vomitorium. Not, you appreciate, that I expect you – like those … Continue reading Vomitorium Watch

Vomitorium: Someone Gets it Right

The incipit of a piece in the Bradenton Herald: What the heck is “vomitory seating”? That’s a question readers had after seeing the Bradenton Herald’s Oct. 18 story about future renovations at McKechnie Field. It contained a Fawley/Bryant architectural rendering that included the term vomitory seating. “Will someone please tell me what that is?” John … Continue reading Vomitorium: Someone Gets it Right

Vomitorium: Another One Gets it Right

In my never-ending quest to ensure journalists ‘get it right’, from an ABC piece about eating disorders, inter alia: Contrary to popular belief, vomitoriums were not used by the Roman elite to get rid of their stomach contents. The vomitorium is an architectural structure within the Roman amphitheatre, designed to alleviate crowds by allowing the … Continue reading Vomitorium: Another One Gets it Right