Latest in the Search for Cleo’s Tomb

From Dominican Today: A group of professionals from different walks of life and various countries have come together to support Dominican archaeologist Kathleen Martinez’s search for Cleopatra’s final resting place, convinced that the endeavor is a worthy cause for the people of the country, the region and the world. German Toro Ghio, a Chilean who’s … Continue reading Latest in the Search for Cleo’s Tomb

Cleopatra’s Tomb Update (of sorts)

The beginning of a piece in Dominican Today: The feat of Dominican archaeologist Kathleen Martinez, which has circled the globe with her project “In search of Cleopatra’s tomb,” continues attracting the attention of the world’s scientific community. And that’s the reason the scientist of Chinese origin Ng Tze-Chuen, known for his successful projects at NASA … Continue reading Cleopatra’s Tomb Update (of sorts)

Today’s Egypt and the Search for Cleopatra’s Tomb

Just came across this timely piece from Dominican Today: Dominican Republic’s own Egyptologist affirmed Friday that the turmoil in Egypt prevented setting up protection for the museum of antiquities for which bands of looters managed to cart off important pieces. Kathleen Martinez said the groups of looters which had formed amid the chaos even sacked … Continue reading Today’s Egypt and the Search for Cleopatra’s Tomb