CONF: Royal Holloway Research Seminars

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RHUL Classics Research Seminar 2009-2010
Perspectives on the Ancient House

All seminars will take place on Tuesdays at in the Management Building 003

January 12th Nick Lowe (RHUL)
Comic Houses

January 26th Katie Billotte (RHUL)
Roman Hacienda or Mexican Domus?: The Roman House in Colonial Mexico.

February 9th Ray Laurence (University of Birmingham)
Subject TBC

March 2nd Ruth Webb (Birkbeck, University of London)
‘Adultery, mime and metafiction in Apuleius and Achilles Tatius’

March 9th Claudia Stephan (RHUL)
TBC on new finds at the Domus Aurea

March 16th Jonathan Powell (RHUL)
‘The house full of cakes and the handout on the front doorstep: Some
Juvenalian problems.’

March 23rd Anne Sheppard (RHUL)
‘Houses in the mind: the image of the house in some rhetorical and philosophical texts’.

Citanda: American Journal of Archaeology 114.1


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Susan Wood

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