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Podcasts have been around for at least a decade now and there have been Classics-related podcasts almost from the beginning, Technically speaking, a podcast is a regularly (daily, weekly, monthly) online audio program which can be downloaded and is usually listened to on a mobile device (or any computer-type thing). They also have the benefit of being something that can be subscribed to. The word began to be used more loosely rather quickly and seems to be applied to any online audio broadcast, whether it is ‘regular’ or not (e.g. lecture series from universities and museums are so epitheted now). It also spawned a video version with the epithet vodcast.

However you choose to define the term, from the beginning, the biggest issue with podcasts (for me, anyway) was knowing they existed — very often they were/are hosted at iTunes (or some other proprietary facility) and while it was easy to find out when one had actually subscribed, finding out what was actually available to begin with could be daunting. Related to this is the sad reality that many podcasts simply stop being produced, for whatever reasons, but still exist to be downloaded. From a strictly Classical standpoint, another issue was the existence of podcasts with a much broader purview which occasionally dealt with something Classical. In late December, 2016 and during the AIASCS conference in early January, the twitterati made it clear that there was still a major interest in podcasts and still some concern about finding what was out there. That, combined with my desire to actually start a project I’ve had percolating for ages (the Ancient World in Streaming Media) makes creation of a master list here a useful thing. Wherever possible, links below go to the podcast’s website (which ideally has a link to various subscription options) or at least to an iTunes preview page. I should note that I draw upon some of the lists that have been mentioned on Twitter of late, and I list them and their creators at the end of this list. If I’ve missed anything or have messed up, please drop me a line. (n.b. this list does not include ‘vodcasts’; I’ll be making that the subject of another page in the future)

Classical Podcasts proper (i.e. regularly updated; an asterisk denotes podcasts which seem to be ended or on lengthy hiatus):

Latin Language-Related Podcasts:

Lecture/Course Podcasts (most of these aren’t still going on, but there’s some really good listening materal; I’m sure I’m missing a lot in this category):

Other Podcasts which frequently touch on matters Classical:

‘Mainstream’ Podcasts which sometimes get Classical:

Other lists of Classical Podcasts:

[as of January 15, 2017]