So Classical … and yet So Not

My spiders regularly pick up items which show how much the Classical languages have influenced our own, but rarely is an incipit of a piece so ‘classical’:

THE Mater Dei College (MDC) in Tubigon, Bohol conducted a gubernatorial candidatessymposium on voters’ education.

… I usually just send these to trash, but it later mentions:

Three Bohol gubernatorial candidates, namely, Cesar Montano, lawyers Julius Caesar Herrera and Edgar Chatto were all present during the two-hour forum.

… a couple of Caesares holding a symposium in the forum under the auspices of some college for gubernatorial purposes … seems to be right out of our ancient sources, no? Then again, the Mater Dei wouldn’t be within the pomerium …

Snow in Rome Redux

Last week we posted some photos of the snow activity in Rome. As it turns out, Dr. Max Nelson (UWindsor) was in Rome at the time and took some spectacular shots of the Pantheon in the snowfall and even better, he sent them along to share with y’all (I love the snow falling though the oculus!) … click on the photo for a larger view:

courtesy of Max Nelson
courtesy of Max Nelson

This Day in Ancient History: ante diem viii kalendas martias

ante diem viii kalendas martias

  • Parentalia probably comes to and end with the festival of Caristia, which was a sort of ‘kiss and make up’ festival. The idea was that people had made peace with their dead, so now it was right to bring to an end any quarrels they were having with living members of their family. There was usually a big family reunion type banquet and worship was given to the Lares.
  • 4 A.D. — death of hoped-for-successor-to-Augustus Gaius Caesar (either February 21 or 22) in Limyra
  • c. 1st century A.D. — martyrdom of Aristion, place disputed
  • 1756 — birth of Gilbert Wakefield (Classicist)