CONF: Beyond Self-Sufficiency – Households, City-States, and Markets in the Ancient Greek World

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Beyond Self-Sufficiency

Households, City-States and Markets in the Ancient Greek World
Durham, 2nd-5th July 2011

We are rapidly filling up our spaces for the ‘Beyond Self-Sufficiency’
conference, but if you wish to attend there are several spaces left;
please contact the organisers if you hope to come along:

Mark Woolmer ( mark.woolmer AT )
David Lewis ( d.m.lewis AT )

We will not be able to take any further names after 11th June; however, it
is recommended that prospective attendees let us know well before that
date as there may be no further spaces available by that point.


Saturday 2nd July

(1) 5pm-6pm E.M. Harris (Durham University)
Markets in the Ancient Greek World: A Typology

(2) 6pm-7pm J.K. Davies (Liverpool University)
Markets and Market-places in Ancient Greece

Sunday 3rd July

(3) 9am-10am C. Pébarthe (University of Bordeaux)
Beyond The Ancient Economy, ancient economics

(4) 10am-11am P. Acton (independent scholar)
The Household Mode of Production: Political Ideology or Economic

(5) 11:30-12:30 B. Ault (SUNY Buffalo)
Households and Self-Sufficiency

(6) 12:30-1:30 B. Tsakirgis (Vanderbilt University)
Whole Cloth: Exploring the Question of Self-Sufficiency through the
evidence for Textile Manufacture and Purchase in Greek Houses

(7) 3-4pm J.H. Kroll (Oxford University)
Changes in Athenian Weights Standards and Their Implications for Athenian

(8) 4-5pm S. Psoma (University of Athens)
Weight-Standards in Coinage outside Athens and Trade between Poleis

Monday 4th July

(9) 9-10am M. Lawall (University of Manitoba)
Transport Amphoras as Evidence for Motivation and Market Behaviour in the
Economies of Classical and Hellenistic Greece

(10) 10-11am C. Tzochev (independent scholar)
The Export of Thasian Amphoras and Markets in the Black Sea Region

(11) 11:30-12:30 T. Panagou (University of Athens)
Patterns of Amphora Stamp Distribution. Tracking Down Export Tendencies

(12) 12:30-1:30 M. Woolmer (Durham University)
Honours and Rewards for Merchants

(13) 3-4pm D. Lewis (Durham University)
The market for slaves from the Persian Empire in the fifth and fourth
century Aegean

(14) 4-5pm G. Kron (University of Victoria)
Classical Athenian Trade in comparative perspective: Literary and
archaeological evidence, demand and infrastructure

Tuesday 5th July

(15) 9am-10am A. Bresson (University of Chicago)
Markets and the Role of the State

(16) 10-11am P. Van Alfen (American Numismatic Society)
An Overview of Commodities in Long-Distance Trade c. 500-300 BCE

CONF: Colloquium in honour of Niall Rudd

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Monday, 13 June 2011, 1.15 pm – 6.15 pm

Bosanquet Seminar Room, School of Archaeology, Classics, and Egyptology,
12 Abercromby Square, University of Liverpool

The Department of Philosophy and the School of Archaeology, Classics,
and Egyptology at the University of Liverpool are delighted to announce
a colloquium in honour of Emeritus Professor Niall Rudd, who
successively held the Chairs of Latin at Liverpool and then at Bristol.

The programme for the afternoon is as follows:

1.15 Arrival and welcome

1.30 Fred Jones (Liverpool): ‘The Garden of Anthologies: The Roman
garden, poetry, and cognitive development’

2.20 Tony Woodman (Virginia): ‘On not writing history: Cicero and Pliny’

3.10 Richard Gaskin (Liverpool): ‘Horace and A. E. Housman’

4.00 Tea

4.30 Stephen Harrison (Corpus Christi College, Oxford): ‘George
Buchanan (1506-82) – the Scottish Horace’

5.20 Niall Rudd (Liverpool): ‘Johnson’s Latin Poems’

All welcome! There is no charge for attendance, but it would be very
helpful if those intending to come could please contact Bruce Gibson
(bjgibson AT