SBL/AAR Have an iPad App … Why Not APA/AIA?

James McGrath alerts us that one of the major religious studies conferences has (once again) an iPad/iPhone app designed to help you navigate the conference etc. (This Year’s AAR/SBL iPad App is Finally Available!) … haven’t heard of such an item for the APA/AIA shindig, although I mentioned years ago that such a thing is a natural in this portion of the new millennium … the bar has been raised … can the Classicists clear it?

Practitioners’ Voices in Classical Reception Studies Available

Issue 3 of Practitioners’ Voices in Classical Reception Studies is now online and I admit I haven’t seen this journal before. It comprises a series of interviews with assorted folks working in Classical Reception areas  (obviously) and this issue has quite the range of artists and architects. The current issue is here:

… previous issues here

Latest Issue of Vates Available

The winter 2012 editionVates — the online journal of new Latin poetry — is on the eshelves (and noteworthy (to me) that there is a contribution by someone from my undergrad (Barry Baldwin), my never-completed-phd (Paul Murgatroyd), and a fellow blogger (Laura Gibbs) , among others). Download it as a pdf here (where you can also peruse the back issues):

Bryn Mawr Classical Reviews

  • 12.10.56:  Lucie Pultrová​, The Latin Deverbative Nouns and Adjectives. Acta Universitatis Carolinae: Philologica monographia, 162.
  • 2012.10.55:  Lauren Hackworth Petersen, Patricia Salzman-Mitchell, Mothering and Motherhood in Ancient Greece and Rome.
  • 2012.10.54:  Patrizia Mascoli, Iohannes de Segarellis. Elucidatio tragoediarum Senecae: Thebais seu Phoenissae. Quaderni di Invigilata Lucernis, 40.
  • 2012.10.53:  Fred Eugene Ray, Land Battles in 5th Century B.C. Greece: A History and Analysis of 173 Engagements.
  • 2012.10.52:  Paolo Asso, Brill’s Companion to Lucan.
  • 2012.10.51:  Géza Alföldy, Römische Sozialgeschichte.
  • 2012.10.50:  Sophie Helas, Selinus II: die punische Stadt auf der Akropolis. Sonderschriften / Deutsches Archäologisches Institut Rom, Bd 15.
  • 2012.10.49:  Henry Power, Homer’s Odyssey: a Reading Guide. Reading Guides to Long Poems.
  • 2012.10.48:  Kevin M. Cherry, Plato, Aristotle and the Purpose of Politics.
  • 2012.10.47:  Dana LaCourse Munteanu, Tragic Pathos: Pity and Fear in Greek Philosophy and Tragedy.
  • 2012.10.46:  Jeffrey S. Soles, Costis Davaras, Mochlos IIC: Period IV, the Mycenaean Settlement and Cemetery: the Human Remains and Other Finds. Prehistory monographs, 32.
  • 2012.10.45:  Richard McKirahan, Philoponus: On Aristotle Posterior analytics 1.9-18. Ancient commentators on Aristotle.